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Vessels built by 'Iliff' seen to have their own short numbering system commencing in 1872. The reference to 'South Dock' is a puzzle to the webmaster.

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This latter firm built several large iron sailing ships from 1873, among them being the Duchess of Edinburgh, Eastern Monarch, Roderick Dhu, Senator and Kingdom of Sweden, each of which was famed among the medium clippers of the period. Per 1 (thanks to Gilbert Provost), 2 (same data but with an 1884 reference? 1889), 4 (#9, which refers to a 62 day voyage from So Miguel, Portugal, to Hawaii in 1883 with 938 passengers aboard), 5 (1883/85 voyages to Australia), 6 (NY Times, Mar.

Miramar lists, 8 pages, (highest hull number on page). (233) Names of just a few of the vessels constructed by Sunderland Shipbuilders Co.

So it would seem that there were 2 shipbuilders at South Dock at least from 1871? The vessel clearly travelled to Australia & to Hawaii. The approach was noticed when 2 miles out & a furious fire fight developed. It would seem that 4 were killed in the engagement including 2 of the Fukui Maru's crew; Lieutenant-Commander Hirose Takao & a warrant officer (Sugino) responsible for the firing of the sinking charge. Takao was posthumously decorated & a statue was erected to his memory in Tokyo. John Fowles, in 'Shipwreck', advises that 'cattle-ship wrecks were popular with the islanders, since salvage money ran as high as 5 a head. The islanders refused to inter those from the Castleford for less than thirty shillings each'.

We can on page 045, where the Bartram yard was located. the vessel was sold, in 1894, to Japanese owners (G. Fukui Maru was hit by a Russian torpedo & sank in its targeted position. The attack was considered to be a great success even though a narrow access passage still remained open. Gipsy, built 1858, (later renamed Gypsy), still exists today, it would appear, owned by the Padstow Regatta Committee.

I thank the New York Times for their article (source) of Jan.