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Dartacan y los tres mosqueteros online dating

He quickly befriends three musketeers (Porthos, Athos and Aramis) saving Juliette, a maid-in-waiting for Queen Anne of Austria.

As well as dubbing the TV series, BRB also produced a TV movie, which was again dubbed by Intersound USA.

There he meets many strange characters and watches stories unfold on other planets using his telescope.

The true story of Sherwood Forest is finally revealed: Robin was a cowardly tailor from Kensington, and Marian was the brains behind the Merry Men. See full summary » In 17th century France, young Dogtanian travels to Paris to fulfill his ambition to become one of the King's Musketeers.

El patinazo podría haberse esquivado si el redactor hubiese leído el siguiente párrafo, un extracto de la novela de Dumas: “Y con eso, el señor d’Artagnan padre ciñó a su hijo su propia espada…” A menos que Dartacan no sea el hijo de D’Artagnan, claro.

El lapsus ha sido detectado por el tuitero @Jagospierre (alias muy apropiado, dado el caso), a quien hemos intentado contactar sin éxito para preguntarle el título del libro y el nombre de la editorial.

Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds (Spanish: D'Artacan y los Tres Mosqueperros; Japanese: ワンワン三銃士 [Wan Wan Sanjuushi; lit., The Woof Woof Three Musketeers]) is a Spanish–Japanese animated adaptation of the classic Alexandre Dumas story of d'Artagnan and The Three Musketeers.

Most of the characters are anthropomorphizations of dogs, hence the title of the cartoon; although there are a few exceptions, most notably Dogtanian's two sidekicks Pip the mouse and Planchet the bear, among several others.

Obviously the idea of using Dogs as characters wore a little thin on the creators as only ' Dogtanian' got a doggy name while the rest of the characters got the names they had in the Dumas book.