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Over 1000 software products produced by 400 companies earned 1C: Compatible! One of 1C: Enterprise system products 1C: Accounting is the most successful accounting computer software in the CIS and it has become an industrial standard in business accounting automation.

Service-partners provide regular information and technological support for 1C software customers.

To date, more than companies as official users of 1C: Enterprise programs.

Support, methodological and training materials on accounting are an important part of our business.

Use RU-VPN2 when accessing Ryerson's online administrative systems such as RUFIS or CFAPS from off campus or through a wireless connection.

To use RU-VPN2 you need to download and install RU-VPN2 on your computer and obtain an RU-VPN2 login ID and password from the CCS Helpdesk.

1C Company is widely acknowledged as a game developer and has several internal studios.

In-house development of the company includes IL-2 Sturmovik, IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles, Ace Expansion Pack and Pacific Fighters - the award-winning WWII combat flight simulators (worldwide publisher Ubisoft Entertainment).

1C: Enterprise 8 system consists of two parts: an integrated framework (aka '1C: Enterprise 8 platform') and a set of applied solutions created and executed in the framework.