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Esds qualidata online dating

At Essex, in projects supervised and guided by the data creators, the transcripts were treated as a priority collection for digitisation and enhancing access.

And that was how the idea of creating the Archive came. We knew of nobody who was doing anything in that way, creating an archive like that...

But the way we sorted it out, the Archive is usable by lots of people with totally different questions.

Full transcriptions and detailed content summaries were created for the majority of interviews, which were also coded thematically.

The original paper/microfiche records were digitised in the early 2000s in order to enhance access to the data and increase re-use.

The Edwardians: Family Life and Work Experience Before 1918 was a pioneering large-scale oral history project in the UK, headed by Paul Thompson of the University of Essex.

More than 500 interviews, open-ended and averaging 4 hours in duration, were recorded in the early 1970s on audio tape.

Interview records include extensive information: biographical details for the interviewee (name, occupation, date of birth, etc); interview information (date, location); content summary (extensive in some cases). However, unlike many online library catalogues (including others at the BL), the Sound and Moving Image catalogue does not appear to have any options to export catalogue records in standard formats for reference managers and bibliographies.

(For Zotero users, a browser icon to import a reference is displayed, but it generated an error on use.) Not all interviews appear to be available in electronic format.

Meanwhile, the transcripts were archived at the University of Essex.

The original paper and microfiche versions were deposited with the National Social Policy and Social Change Archive at the University of Essex during the 1990s.

Registration is required for access to data; the service has a strong emphasis on UK higher/further education use, and although people without a UK HE/FE institutional affiliation can apply for user accounts, registration is a less straightforward process.