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I'm going to get in ahead of the game.'That comment spurred Don Jr.

I don't care.'Griffin's criminal lawyer Dimitry Goran also joined her Friday.

'I had learned over the years that sometimes when you do standup, people want a joke that's out there and a little crazy.'She went on to say: 'I feel horrible. Trust me, if we could redo the whole thing I'd have a blowup doll and ketchup.

If you don't stand up you get run over.'Thus far, Griffin had had five tour dates cancelled, lost her endorsement deal with Squatty Potty and been fired by CNN.

Tomorrow it could be you.'Bloom also stressed her client's impeccable record and the fact that she has never committed an act of violence or assault before, stating: 'Kathy never imagined it could be misinterpreted as a threat of violence against Trump.

That was never what she intended.'The victim's rights lawyer, who also represented a number of former employees who are suing Fox News, also noted of the photo shoot: 'This was clearly a parody of Trump's own sexist remarks, taken to an extreme, edgy visual.'She used her introduction to explain why President Trump's actions against Griffin were such a problem.'Kathy and Donald Trump are not equals. He's not just Donald Trump, real estate developer, and this isn't just another celebrity feud,' said Bloom.'He's the president of the United States.

Griffin also found some time for humor, joking about President Trump at one point by saying: 'If you meet him he wants to call you The Donald.

I said I am The Kathy, and that went over his nest.' She also poked fun at her conservative mother Maggie, quipping: 'My mother is not speaking to me because she is in love with Tucker Carlson.' Griffin joked about going after Barron in her stand-up act back in December in an interview with Vulture.'Now more than ever we must absolutely go for all the absurdities,' said Griffin. It's not about trying to be an equal-opportunity offender anymore because Hillary got such a beat down.

'Griffin, 56, declared at one point that this would not be happening to her if she was a 'white man.' Her lawyer Lisa Bloom also suggested during the press conference that despite reports, Barron was likely not that upset after seeing the image of Griffin with the decapitated head by stating the child was 'allegedly' traumatized.'We don't know that.