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Meet non drinkers dating site

I've seen that flicker of disappointment or irritation on a friend's face when I tell her I'm not drinking that night. Two weekends ago, I was staying with friends in Somerset and my host declared: 'If I was an addict, I'd much rather be on heroin than an alcoholic. My six-year-old daughter and I were the first guests to arrive on Friday night.

Alcohol is also the social oil that dissolves our inhibitions and makes even the shyest able to function, open up and - when needed - flirt.

This week, it was revealed that professional women secretly battling alcoholism are heading to Eastern Europe for treatment rather than facing the stigma of seeking help here.

I'm surprised that drinking has become such a taboo. Like me, most of my friends work full-time so they're juggling jobs, children, husband and home.

Yet in the morning our hangovers make us feel like sad old lushes - and every fresh-faced girl who walks past makes us feel still worse. It's a vicious cycle and one that an awful lot of us are caught up in.

When we do try to go on the wagon, it's pretty difficult to stay on it.

Some have tried coping with both and are barely coming up for air.

Then there's the increase in divorce rates and the aftermath of difficult break-ups.

The truth is, as shown by a recent study, women from managerial or professional backgrounds are 19 per cent more likely to drink heavily at home, compared with women from working-class households.