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Muslim women sex chat

This debate is becoming more and more a public debate.... Professor of Islamic studies at Virginia Commonwealth University It seems that the head scarf means something different everywhere you go.

[Did the role of politicized, educated women in the Islamic movement lead to] tension between the men and the women? Women participated in the Islamic movement and gave some new visibility to the Islamic movement. And yet, with the same movement, they became publicly visible and their lives changed.

I think the Turkish situation is fabulous in terms of showing the complexity.

Because some form of Islamic head covering has always been a feature of Turkish life, even in the massive modernization movements that were part of the 1930s and '40s and '50s, because women in the villages still retained some form of Islamic head covering.

And therefore, it implies that any other way to do it is in fact wrong. So the idea of struggling with modesty is in fact the element that is Islamic and that the hijab might be one of the ways in which this modesty has manifest itself does not mean that modesty is equal to the hijab.

And the hijab has no hierarchy over the concept of modesty.

But what happens is that each time these Muslim girls--or women now--go to public life, pursue their professional career, there is a tension within the movement.

There is a debate among Islamic women who want to go even more public and Islamic men who remind them that, first of all, they have to be wives and mothers--their sacred roles.

Women hold the purse strings; women determine a lot of what happens, because ancient Egypt had a tradition of having women kings, women queens. Whereas in some societies, which tended to be nomadic, it was very much more male-oriented, and the patriarchal and very strong male orientation became predominant. So it means a way of behaving, more modest behavior. That's why veiling is more important than any other thing. In other words, men control their sexuality through how women restrain themselves?