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Naked chat buddies

Dear Free-Range Kids: Since all three kids are now back from the various camps they’ve attended this summer, I’ve been doing some reflection.

And in the evenings and weekends we had complete freedom to walk the campus, go to local restaurants and entertainment spots, etc.

But to my surprise my babe was more horny than me!!! My girlfriend sent me a video tape of her having hot lesbian sex with her army friends! She knows of this, so she decided to send me a special video she filmed in the barracks with her friends, to keep my spirits up and to give me a little something to look at and keep my hard-on up too!

My girlfriend went to army training camp and we didn’t see each other for 5 months. She’s partying with her fellow trooper girls and they’re all wearing their gray army sweaters and panties, fuck, that’s hot!

I fantasized about it all the time, and it happened. Now I’m sure we’ll try to do it together more than once!

DON’T MISS MORE NAKED GIRLS CAUGHT FUCKING: Do you want this all army lesbian video in full HD?

It’s crazy that someone who gets paid $35/day to work basically 24/7 can’t even get through a night without being woken up multiple times just because someone has to go.

In fact, this traveling in groups of threes (called “treadies”) applied to all situations (because, I’m told, if one person gets hurt — which happens frequently on 50 foot trips to the bathroom, I suppose — then one person can stay with that person while the other person goes to get help).

When I was twelve through fourteen I attended a music camp at U of I and we *had* to be on our own.