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Review of friends reunited dating

Dorothy had the power to go back to Kansas all along, too.

There’s scarecrow, who desperately wants a brain but points out that there are plenty of people who can ‘talk am awful lot without one.’The square-dancing tin man, once unrusted thanks to a can of oil, sings about his lust for a heart, and hilarious scaredy-cat lion (played by Jonathan Broadbent) is seeking the courage he needs to overcome his fears.

There are laugh out loud moments for young and old alike - one in particular involving a poison poppy field, the lion and a misplaced oil can - plus plenty of tiny flashes of humour to revel in.

Together with her dog Toto, which stole the show at several points, she accidentally kills the Wicked Witch of the East and sets in motion a rollercoaster chain of events involving weird and wonderful characters.

I'm upset that I'll never know what the fates of the characters would have been, as it was cancelled after twelve episodes.

You can call “A Bad Moms Christmas” a “Bad Moms” movie, but it’s really a “Christmas” movie, and a perfectly serviceable one if you don’t mind not laughing much.

It’s like a buffet of appropriately themed holiday snacks whose inherent festiveness you can admire, even if you’re not exactly sated after sampling.

They’re too talented not to bring it all home with the right amount of sincerity and humor about these movies’ justifiable selling point: it’s okay to screw up if your heart’s in the right place.