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She could feel the size of him to the center of her being, though there was no pain and precious little discomfort to overcome. " "My hands will be busy doing other things, and I want to see you gratify yourself. "You did tell me that you were willing to offer yourself for whatever I desire," he reminded her.

"I can't believe you got that log of a cock in me without hurting me, Thorburn. Once again you prove to me how much I can enjoy sex with a man who knows what he's doing." "I am glad I'm causing you no pain, Teárlag. It never hurts to see how a woman pleases herself so I may see what she enjoys." "I've never done it in front of anyone," she said shyly. "A promise I intend to keep, Lord." Her hand went to her sex and she began to finger herself, Thorburn watching intently to see how she touched herself.

He continued to do so, never breaching her when he felt her clench against his finger, but never abandoning the crinkled opening.

She gradually approached another peak and her breathing and tightening muscles signaled her oncoming release.

Is there a particular thing you would share with me? I am yours." "If you care not for it..." "I cared little for any sex previously shared with others," Teárlag interrupted.

" He looked into her sparkling green eyes and speculated on her willingness to provide anything he might want. "You have taught me to enjoy all I've shared with you. You endeavor to make your pleasure mine in all we've done.

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