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But further inspection reveals this first impression to be a lie.

"Working on the project I realize how much it's just tapping the surface," Dicola says.

If you're an artist who takes the way our society stigmatizes mental illness as your subject, perhaps the only thing you'll never have to worry about is running out of material.

Colorful light fixtures selectively illuminate precarious assemblages of buckets and broken glass while bulbous beakers stand silently on wooden shelves, apparently in possession of strange, embodied secrets.

Seven years ago, Hansen was a Northwest artist represented by the now-legendary Lawrimore Project.

Instead of seeing faces, we are given sumptuous pastel color fields and decorative arrays of found objects that hint at narratives.

incorporates roofing materials, skewer sticks, and a painted segment of a branch, all positioned behind the back of a figure rendered in house paint with loose, confident strokes.

After a stint in upstate New York, he's recently resettled in Bellingham. There's something about the combination of meticulous glasswork and comfortably-uncomfortable DIY weirdness that makes his work feel quintessentially at home in the Northwest.