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Tales from firozsha baag online dating

First Mc Clelland & Stewart printing, previously published as a PBO by Penguin in 1987.

In one story, The Ghost of Firozsha Baag, the narrator is a Goan ayah.

She knows that "no ayah gets key to a flat", and that "life as ayah means living close to floor." Her name is Jacqueline. Or worse, Jaakayl." Her obsession with ghosts dominates her life, but it is her plight as a domestic servant that gradually becomes its real theme.

About the literary talent of Rohinton Mistry there can be no doubt, unless one is prejudiced by his prejudices, so to speak. won him one of his two prizes at Toronto University.

Would he write as he does if he had only, or primarily, an Indian audience in mind? It begins, 'With a bellow Rustomji emerged from the WC." And he reports what had happened to his wife Mehroo whom he had married at 36 when she was 16. That stinking lavatory upstairs is leaking again....

About the Author: Rohinton Mistry was born in Bombay in 1952 and has lived in Canada since 1975.

He is also the author of two novels, 'Such a Long Journey' and 'A Fine Balance'.

Behroze was alone when Jehangir arrived on Saturday evening.